Fountain of Deliverance Outreach Ministries

" A place called home"

                         Welcome to the Fountain......

 Fountain of Deliverance Outreach Ministries is a community-minded ministry with a vision of reaching the four corners of our city.

         We are a community-based incorporation that will instruct individuals concerning acceptable behavior in our society, enhance good morals, and provide training in resistance skills which will enable them to overcome negative pressure from unhealthy elements within the community.

     While our approach may be non-traditional, we maintain traditional values in this ever-changing society.

      All are welcome to fellowship with us. Come and be renewed, refreshed and restored.



9:30am - 10:45am: Sunday School
11:00am: Global Worship Service
(Children's Church during service)
5:00pm: Evening Worship Service

12noon - 1:00pm: Noon-Day Prayer
7:00pm: Prayer
7:30pm: Pastoral Teaching

7:00pm: Prayer
8:00pm: Evangelistic Service/"Healing Our World" Crusade



Comcast Channel 95 (Richmond, Henrico & Hanover, VA) -
Tuesdays - Fridays 7:00am - 7:30am






                                        Church History



In 1987 the Lord lead Bishop James F. Brown and Bishop Amy B. Stevens to appoint Elder Lawrence Taylor as pastor. The church was then located at 2722 Goode Bridge Road ( Formally Fountain Holy Church) Chesterfield. It was a one-room church with a seating capacity of only 50 people. Elder Taylor had pastored the church for three years when the Lord led him to relocate and change the name of the church to Fountain of Deliverance Outreach Ministries in 1990. The church was relocated to 1718 Everett Street in the Blackwell area of Southside Richmond and seated approximately 150 people.

    During the next four years, the church grew in membership, and ultimately outgrew the Everett Street location. In 1993, Elder Taylor was once again led of the Lord to move the church to an even larger edifice which was located at 9 East Clay Street. The Clay Street location had a seating capacity of 300 people, and was located in the heart of historical downtown Richmond.




 With a continued desire and burden to develop a ministry with a vision of serving the multi-faceted needs of the community and residents throughout the city of Richmond, the mission of the church continued to move forward under the leadership of Elder Taylor. As the office of the Bishopric was bestowed upon him in November 1994, the church has been blessed to establish several outreach and ministry extensions over the last 22 years. Outreach extensions include missions in Portsmouth, Petersburg, Palmyra and Southside Richmond. Ministry extensions, including the "Healing Our World" Radio Broadcast, Fountain of Deliverance TV Broadcast, the Fountain of Life Transitional House, the Crusade Ministries, and the Pastors & Ministers Alliance, have also been established as a means of extending ministry to the four corners of the city and beyond.

       The present church building, recently acquired in August 2006, is located at 3800 East Broad Rock Road and is yet growing. It continues to thrive at the current membership of 300+. Our mission continues in outreach and evangelism with a goal of becoming 1,000 strong and to ultimately embrace the world with global ministry.